The Avenue's Super Summer Recap

This summer was a busy one for The Avenue Community Church! With the second year of our 3LR Bootcamp and the first year of Camp Cultivate, we put in work during our first official summer as a church.


3LR – which stands for Lead, Learn, Lead, Repeat – is our summer bootcamp for high school students. During this 8-week program, interns participated in a variety of activities including service and theological training.

We asked our interns which lesson or class was most impactful to how they’ll now live there lives.


“The relationship class because I just thought when you have a relationship with somebody it’s just about you and that person now I know that the purpose of a relationship is to also let God in.” Claudia S., 3LR Intern


“Marriage & sex because it really teaches us the meaning of them both & relates it back to the covenant seal that God has with us.” Darnell W., 3LR Intern


“The most meaningful lesson I learned was to always be on time and to always have faith in God even when times are getting tough. Never give up!” Jaylin J., 3LR Intern

A meaningful lesson that I learned was about relationships and how God uses them to make us look more like him.
— Marvion H., 3LR Intern
Marriage and covenant. That impacted me because now I understand how it goes and what steps to follow when I do decide to get married. Also to put God first, others second, and yourself third.
— Mariah C., 3LR Intern

Camp Cultivate Logo.png

Camp Cultivate is a summer camp for rising 1st through 8th graders. Our daily summer camp schedule consisted of praise and worship, spiritual formation, academic enrichment, creative ministry, field trips, and recreation.

Below you'll hear from our camp director, Kendall Schewitz, and camp staff and read reflections from some our campers.


“As a classroom teacher who is accustomed to structure, Camp Cultivate was a blessing to me because I got to see children run wild and free— the way God designed them to! They got to be curious and ask questions about the Lord and learn what it looks like to trust and love others. I am thankful for the 7 weeks I got to spend at STREETS!” - Kendall, Camp Director


“Camp Cultivate was definitely something I enjoyed. Being able to have fun and teach kids about the goodness of God. I loved my job and the kids, it really warmed my heart to see and hear the kids singing the songs from praise and worship, or correcting each other on memory verses. It warmed my heart, knowing that we were actually having a positive effect on the kids, whether they knew it or not.” - Anthony, Camp Counselor

At first, I didn’t trust or believe in God, but now, to me, God is attached to me. He really means something to me now.
— Calvin, Camper
What I liked about camp was bible jeopardy, recreation time and snack time.
— Ari, Camper
Camp was fun. I met new people, I met new counselors like Jade, who taught me how to be a better person and learned more about God.
— Clim, Camper

To those that gave, prayed, and volunteered, we couldn’t thank you enough for what you contributed to The Avenue Community Church and to the Summer Avenue community.

Until next year,

The Avenue Community Church

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