Although Scripture does not contain an explicit command to formally join a local church, the biblical foundation for church membership permeates the New Testament. The assumption of the epistles in the New Testament is that there are individual believers who live out their faith together, with other believers, in specific churches. The New Testament teaches that God has called every member to a life devoted to the growth of the body.

We believe that living out a commitment to a local church involves many responsibilities, primarily: 

  • Exemplifying a godly lifestyle in the community

  • Exercising one’s spiritual gifts in diligent service 

  • Contributing financially to the work of the ministry 

  • Giving and receiving admonishment with meekness and in love

  • Faithfully participating in corporate worship

Are you interested in becoming a member of The Avenue?

Let us know by filling out our Membership Interest Form here.

Becoming a Member of The Avenue

At The Avenue, there are four steps to becoming a member:

1. Attend a Vision Lunch

Learn more about our mission, vision, and core values, and meet our staff.

We host Vision Lunches each January, April, July, and October. Find dates and register at

2. Attend a Membership Class

Learn more about our beliefs and what it means to be a member of The Avenue.

We host Membership Classes in the weeks following each Vision Lunch. More details will be provided during Vision Lunch.

We’ll discuss the following documents during Membership Class:

3. Meet with a leader from the church

Get to know us, allow us to get to know you, and ask any questions you may have about The Avenue.

You’ll receive more information about scheduling a meeting after you attend a Membership Class.

4. Take Vows

Express your faith in Jesus and commitment to this church family in front of the congregation.

You can read our vows here. Membership vows will be scheduled during our Sunday morning service at least once per quarter.